GeoMeast 2018
Sustainable Civil Infrastructures: Structural Integrity November 24-28, 2018, Cairo, Egypt ...

SPIE 2018
SPIE Remote Sensing Europe, Berlin, Germany, 10-13 September 2018 ...

International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Valencia, Spain, 23-27 July ...

EUSAR 2018
12th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, Aachen, Germania, 04-07 June ...

EGU 2018
European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018 ...

IGRS 2018
6th International Geo-hazards Research Symposium, Dresden, Germany, 4-9 March 2018 ...

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Thanks to an advanced computing center, GAP provides daily weather predictions using Numerical Weather Models (NMM) with appropriate resolutions and grid configurations. GAP devotes particular attention to high resolution meteorological modeling applications through the development of non-hydrostatic full-physics limited area models, and the creation of maps of high resolution weather forecast.

Through numerical solution of the equations that describe the thermodynamic behavior and dynamics of the atmosphere, prognostic meteorological models allow to determine the spatial and temporal evolution of the atmospheric variables and predict the weather conditions at different scales (from synoptic to microscale) and resolutions. The choice of the model and of the particular grids configuration depends on the application. For the prevention of fire risk, for example, it is useful to predict the weather at the highest resolution available.

The use of atmospheric models is of crucial importance in the analysis and forecasting of weather conditions associated with various types of environmental risks, particularly in air pollutants diffusion, hydro-geological risk conditions forecasting (flood risk), fire ignition and spread risk forecasting, sea conditions forecasting. Also important is the ability to know in advance the weather conditions in the agricultural sector, in particular reference to the possibility of optimizing resources of irrigation or to prevent atmospheric events that may cause damage to crops (frost, hail, drought ...).


GAP is able to perform analysis of climatological and agro-meteorological data, acquired both by ground and remote sensing instrumentation, aimed to the creation of meteorological fields and to diagnosis of atmospheric conditions. Particular attention is devoted to codes development for different interpolation schemes both of climatological data and of realtime data, recorded from meteorological ground networks, using gis based tools (ArcGIS, GRASS).


GAP srl collaborates with Planetek Italia for providing advanced wind reanalysis services. One of the most critical aspects in the feasibility study of an on-shore / off-shore wind farm is the identification of the optimal site, through the preliminary analysis of the local wind regimes (wind reanalysis). Preciso® wind is a wind reanalysis service studied to identify and characterize the optimal sites for the installation of wind turbines, through wind modelling and reconstruction and without the need for long and expensive wind measurement campaigns. It is based on a nonhydrostatic meteorological model that assimilates global scale input data (GFS or ECMWF analysis fields), which provides intermediate 3D fields of all atmospheric state variables with planimetric resolutions of 23 km. The final downscaling step allows spatial resolutions less than 100m, taking into account the fine topography of the test site. These input data are used to reconstruct wind fields at various heights above ground. The model estimates also other physical predicted quantities used in the produced power calculation (air temperature, pressure and density). For more information on wind reanalysis services, please contact Planetek Italia via email or browse the official website of the product Preciso® wind.


Thanks to the presence of different competences and professional profiles, GAP is able to realize customized meteorological products and services for specific needs. If you need more information, please contact us (

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