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News 2015 ReSyLAB 2015

People who live on the Adriatic-Balkan region shared a common history, development of culture, science and arts, thus by an incessant growth of common or similar ideas, goals and destiny.

Quite recently, the extreme weather conditions has paid attention to the landslides and related phenomenon, that were widespread in this area. Landslides represent a relevant problem for most of the countries located on the Adriatic-Balkan region and requires huge human and technological resources and closer relationships between neighboring countries and a continuous, well-aware exchange of ideas. This simple idea was reason to establish Adria-Balkan Network on Landslides.

The general objective of the International Consortium on Landslides - Adriatic-Balkan Network (ICL ABN) is advancing landslide science and its practical application in the region for the benefit of society and the environment.

1st Regional Symposium on Landslides in the Adriatic-Balkan Region was co-organized by ICL ABN (1st ReSyLAB) in Zagreb (Croatia) in March 2013. The main topic of the round table discussion was how to plan and deliver activities of the ICL ABN successfully, which is one of the greatest challenges of the regional network. One of the main conclusions of this round table was organization of regional symposia every two years. 2nd ReSyLAB will be held in Belgrade in 2015.

GAP has contributed to the symposium by showing the results of his research activity in collaboration with Polytechnic of Bari, IRPI and ISSIA institutes of the National Research Council of Bari, Italy.

GAP authors and presentations

Project: "Studio su instabilità del terreno sull’area di Tirana (Albania)".
Title: Satellite interferometry for landslide detection in the peri-Adriatic area

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