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News 2013 EUROCK 2013

Rock Mechanics for Resources, Energy and Environment

The International Symposium, organized by the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM), will be held in Wroclaw (Poland) from 21st to 26th September 2013.

The main objective of the Symposium is to:

  • provide a forum for engineers, researchers and students
  • integrate industry professionals and scientific research communities
  • create opportunities to update and improve knowledge
  • present the most recent contributions in the area of rock mechanics and geotechnics


  • rock mass characterization
  • laboratory and in-situ testing
  • constitutive models and numerical modeling
  • mathematical modeling of T-H-M processes in rocks
  • mine design and ground control
  • petroleum rock mechanics
  • geological CO2 sequestration
  • underground storage and waste disposal
  • slope and open pit stability
  • dynamic phenomena in rock masses
  • new materials and technologies in geoengineering
  • design methodology in rock engineering
  • mechanical breakage of rocks
  • rock tunnel excavation and support

GAP shows the results of his research activity in collaboration with the National Research Council of Bari.

GAP authors and presentations

Oral Presentation
Title: Monitoring unstable slopes using Persistent Scatterers Interferometry: opportunities and challenges

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