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News 2011 China Galileo Industries meets Aerospace Apulian District

China Galileo Industries meets Aerospace Apulian District

Bari - January 12, 2011

First promising steps for a collaboration between the Aerospace Apulian District (DAP) and chinese space industries. A meeting was held yesterday in Bari between DAP and China Galileo Industries, where enterprise and university delegates presented his own activities oriented to space sector, highlighting the likely most interesting aspects for CGI and underlining the potential link with China Galileo Industries activities. More information here

GAP srl belongs to the Apulian Aerospace District, an association recognized on 2009 by a regional law that operates to reinforce and consolidate the competitiveness of regional aerospace products, in both national and international markets. The policy of the district aims on the one hand at reinforcing the integration and synergies between large and small & medium enterprises, and on the other hand at increasing and promoting its competence in research and vocational training throughout the entire country.

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