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News 2014 SPIE 2014

Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and
Convention Centre
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conferences: 22–25 September 2014
Exhibit: 23-24 September 2014

SPIE Remote Sensing is the premier European meeting that focuses on recent breakthroughs in atmospheric and earth-surface sensing, next-generation satellites, SAR image analysis and techniques, image and signal processing, and more.

In collaboration with the ISSIA and IRPI institutes of the National Research Council of Bari and the Department of Physics of Bari, GAP will present his research activity at SPIE Remote Sensing.

GAP authors and presentations

Oral Presentation [HALL Project]
Authors: R. Nutricato, D. O. Nitti, F. Bovenga, A. Refice, M. T. Chiaradia
Title: Exploitation of a large COSMO-SkyMed interferometric dataset
Session: SAR Data Analysis II: Joint Session, Room: E108
Wednesday Sept. 24, 2014 - 16.00-16.20

Oral Presentation [CRESP Project]
Authors: D. Conte, F. Bovenga, A. Refice, D. O. Nitti, R. Nutricato, M. T. Chiaradia
Title: Suitability of COSMO-SkyMed constellation for radargrammetric DEM generation
Session: SAR Processing, Room: E108
Wednesday Sept. 24, 2014 - 08.40-09.00

Oral Presentation [FRANE PUGLIA Project]
Authors: F. Bovenga, A. Refice, G. Pasquariello, D. O. Nitti, R. Nutricato
Title: Corner reflectors and multi-temporal SAR inteferometry for landslide monitoring
Session: Interferometry and SAR Processing, Room: E108
Thursday Sept. 25, 2014 - 10.30-10.50

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