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News 2020 EngEdu2020

5th Annual International Conference on Engineering Education and Teaching

Athens, Greece, 1-4 June 2020

The Engineering & Architecture Division and the Education Unit of ATINER organized its 5th Annual International Conference on Engineering Education & Teaching, 1-4 June 2020, Athens, Greece sponsored by the Athens Journal of Ī¤echnology & Engineering.

The aim of the conference was to bring together academics and researchers of all areas of Engineering Education, Teaching and Learning and other related areas.

GAP has contributed by co-authoring a presentation in collaboration with Planetek and University of Calabria.

Session: Tuesday 2 June 2020 - H 14:00-14:30
Authors: M. Pagano, S. Samarelli, S. Bollanos, V. Massimi, D. O. Nitti, G. Ortolano
Title: Geological risk monitoring of road network by use of combined Multi-Temporal InSAR and GIS-based derived information: the example of Giarre (Eastern Sicily, Italy)

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