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News 2015 EESMS 2015

The 2015 IEEE Workshop on Environmental, Energy and Structural Monitoring Systems will be held at the University of Trento (Trento, Italy), from July 9 till July 10, 2015 and it will take place in the Department of Sociology, Via Verdi 26 - Trento.

The growing strategic importance of environmental, energy, and structural monitoring boosts the need for flexible, effective and innovative solutions for design methods and implementation technologies with strong adaptation and evolution capabilities. This workshop aims to discuss the most recent advances in complex monitoring systems from a cross-disciplinary perspective, encompassing technology, methods and applications, especially concerning, but not limited to, advanced sensors, signal/image processing techniques, patter recognition approaches, systems and applications. Department, researchers and students in industry are encouraged to contribute presentations on either completed research or “work-in-progress” research.

GAP contributes by showing the results of his research activity in collaboration with Polytechnic of Bari.

GAP authors and presentations

Project: -
Authors: A. Guerriero, F. Giuliani, D. O. Nitti
Title: Crowdsourcing And Mobile Device For Wide Areas Monitoring

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